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Producer Engineer : 
Rich Alderson
Suzanne Couch
Digital editing and additional production: 
Rob Mounsey
Additional Production: 
Rob Mounsey
Executive Producer: 
Peter Couch
Suzanne Couch: Lifeline
Featured Artist: Moscow Virtuals
Suzanne Couch
Our Price: 12.95
Through this Album I have learned once we decide what we want, the Universe empowers and supports our actions

More Info
Visit Suzanne Couch Home Page

Recorded at:
Couch Recording Studio Kingston Jamaica

Recorded and Mixed at:
Flying Monkey New York City

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The Tracks
1. Lifeline
2. Put Me Together Again
3. Water Wash Over Me
4. At the Drop of a Heart
5. How Sweet The Night
6. The Fortunes of Love
7. The Rainbow Never Ends
8. The Wonder of it All
9. After that, Nothing
10. Even as We Speak
11. Somehow
12. The River Rolls

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